Carrie is a certified Crossfit Mobility and certified Yogafit coach. She believes that yoga is for every body, mind and soul. Yoga with Carrie is free to Crossfit Redding members, their family and friends and anyone who would like to attend. Carrie also believes that yoga should be challenging to master practitioners yet accessible to beginners.

Yoga can benefit everybody from elite athletes, pregnant and postpartum women, to men and women with disabilities and deconditioned adults.

Benefits include increased balance, strength and flexibility. Yoga fosters improvement in mind-body connection. Yoga with Carrie will also improve one’s proprioception, awareness of the body in space, and can help decrease clumsiness.

Yoga is not only great for improving core strength but also for improving inner strength. People who attend Yoga with Carrie report better sleep and reduced stress and anxiety.

But most importantly, Yoga with Carrie is full of great music and it’s fun!

*Please bring a mat and water.


“I’m a late 40s male CrossFitter with lousy shoulder mobility. I find Carrie’s yoga classes are gradually and consistently improving my ability to perform snatches, handstand push-ups and the other overhead moves that we all do

~Sam VK

” I find myself less fatigued and my muscles relaxed after taking Carrie’s Tuesday night Yoga class. My flexibility improves and the tension resolves in my neck and lower back.”


“Yoga with Carrie has helped me with low back pain and tightness in hips. Group classes keep me accountable to stretching while providing a fun environment”.


“Yoga class helps reduce back, leg, neck tightness. Makes overall well-being feel Great! ”


“I am a middle-aged runner and Crossfitter. I’ve realized that “maintenance” is key to keeping me active. I have always had issues with tight leg and shoulder muscles. Carrie’s yoga class is a huge part of keeping me in the gym and out on the trails. I feel 100% better after attending her class. Not only does it keep me limber and strong, Carrie is great at helping release your days tension and stress. It is a must in my life!”

~Renee T

“Carrie’s yoga classes are the best I have ever experienced.  She makes yoga enjoyable for the beginner and yet challenging for any level athlete.  She combines the perfect mix of intensity and relaxation leaving my body feeling flexible and strong and my mind calm and at ease.  All athletes will benefit from Yoga with Carrie.”


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