FUNDAMENTALS are Mandatory – Must be completed prior to entering regular CrossFit classes.

There are two ways to start Fundamentals at CrossFit Redding.

* The first option is to take four Fundamental private sessions with one of our trainers. The cost is $120 and includes the 4 instructional sessions along with 6 CrossFit classes.  

Call (530) 244-1348 to schedule.

* The second option is to enter our 6 session Fundamentals course (starts beginning of Month on Tues/Thurs evening at 7:30pm). The cost is $100 and includes 4 CrossFit classes.

The focus of these classes is to ensure proper form and execution of essential Crossfit exercises, which will lead to a more positive, long-term CrossFit experience.

Movements include (but not limited to)

Squats / Deadlifts / Press 

Front Squats / Sumo Deadlift High-Pull / Push-Press 

Overhead Squat  / Clean /  Push Jerk