Starting May 22nd 

The additional work is programmed alongside of the Class WOD. If you have questions ask. Remember Class work is priority this a “Additional WORK” if you cannot fit it in… Do Class!

Each week a few items will be repeated i.e. GHD Sit, Back Ext. and Pull-ups these are progressions and are meant to be repeated.

Additional Work


-Deadlift 2×5 at 90% of 1rm

-RDL 3×5

-Strict Pullups accumulate 35 in the least amount of sets

If you do not have pullups 5×5 banded

Then: 3×10 lat-pull down

-Pre Class Work:

5x 50m Prowler Push 100/50lbs

-Post Class workout:

75 KB Swings 70/53



-HH Snatch 10x 1 @70% If you miss start at 1

-Snatch 60%x3, 65%x2, 70%x2 Then: 30 Burpees At the top of each minute until failure of the lift within the minute. Start with 80% at 10lbs to each lift

-TOMs 3×5


GHD SitUps x20

GHD Back Ext x30

-Conditioning: For Time

1000m on the rower and 1000m run.



-HH Clean 10×1 choose a weight that is heavy but allows for technique. 65%-75%

-Press 3-3-3-2-2-1

-6 min EMOTM

Even: 100m shuttle with touch (25mx4)

Odd: 7 Thruster 135/85


No Additional Work or Make up



-Power Clean 6×2 at 85% ok to re-grip

-L-Sit on paralletts 5x 6secs

-Ring Kipping Chest to Ring Pullup x 20

Work on the muscle Up transition

-400m Farmers Carry 70/53