Starting September 11th 

The additional work is programmed alongside of the Class WOD. If you have questions ask. Remember Class work is priority this a “Additional WORK” if you cannot fit it in… Do Class!

Each week a few items will be repeated i.e. GHD Sit, Back Ext. and Pull-ups these are progressions and are meant to be repeated. We also added a Pull-up Progression portion. This will help with those that need a Pull-up.

Additional Work WEEK 9
Please Note:

No Additional work should take place M-W-TH After 7P


Back Squat 10-10-10

Bench Press 5×5

Weighted Lunge 2×12 (6each leg)



Pistols alternating


S/A alternating DB Snatch 70/50 Controlled two head touch

Beginner Pullup Progression:

2×10 Banded pullup

2×10 Lat Pull wide, 1×8 at PullUp grip




20 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95

10m HS Walk

Accessory Work:

2x 20 GHD Sit up

1×15 GDH Back Ext

1×20 Ab wheel


Rest as needed before Conditioning:

1min ME Bike Cals

Rest 1min

1min ME Bike Cals

Rest 2mins

2min ME Bike Cals

Rest 7min Before Snatches

Post Conditioning:

Snatch x 2 at each % if you miss start over at 60% rest no more than 3min between sets

60%, 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85% 90%

Beginner Pullup Progression:

Banded Pull-ups 3×6

2×8 Banded Negative

Thursday:  Rest or Make Up

Strength: Pre or Post Class WOD:

Good Morning 2×10

Lat Pulldowns 20-15-10-5 increase weight each set



WallBall 20/14

KB Swing 70/53

5 Rope Climb

Beginner Pullup Progression:

Supine Ring Row 2×12, 1xmax