Starting January 1, 2018:

The additional work is programmed alongside the Class WOD. If you have questions ask.

Remember Class work is the priority this “Additional WORK” if you cannot fit it in… Do Class!

Each week a few items will be repeated i.e. GHD Sit, Back Ext. and Pull-ups these are progressions and are meant to be repeated. We also added a Pull-up Progression portion. This will help with those that need a Pull-up.

Additional Work WEEK 11


Back Squat 70% for a 5×5

HH Snatch 7×2 @65% no misses

DB Incline Bench Press 3×10



NO additional Class WOD RX


Conditioning Time Cap 12mins


12 Pistols

18 GHD Sit ups

24 Russian KB swings 70/53

Accessory Work:

2×20 Single leg squat with Bar

100 3count flutter count

30 alternating KB snatch 35/26

100mx 10m Farmer walk heavy as possible



Clean 1 Pull/ 1 Full and Jerk 75%x3, 80%x2


6x 200m ME Run rest equal amount of time to run time

Post Run

2min Max Pull ups

Rest 1 min

2min 60/45 ground to shoulder

Beginner Pullup Progression:

Superset 3sets

14 DB Bent over Row

10 Lat Pull wide grip

10 Jump and Hold chin over

Thursday:  Rest

Strength: Pre or Post Class WOD:

RDL: 3×10

DB Bulgarian Split squat 3×12


NO additional on Friday During the Open

Beginner Pullup Progression:

3×6 Banded Pullup

20 Supine Ring Row with pause

12-12-12- max  Lat Pull Downs