Starting June 19th  

The additional work is programmed alongside of the Class WOD. If you have questions ask. Remember Class work is priority this a “Additional WORK” if you cannot fit it in… Do Class!

Each week a few items will be repeated i.e. GHD Sit, Back Ext. and Pull-ups these are progressions and are meant to be repeated. We also added a Pull-up Progression portion. This will help with those that need a Pull-up.

Additional Work WEEK 05

Back Squat 3×3 HEAVY!

Split Squat 3×10

-Not For Time


Strict Pullups

Bench Press 155/105

Supine Ring Row

Beginner Pullup Progression:

3×8 Banded pullup

2×10 Lat Pull then 1x max rep at 10lbs lighter



3×5 Push Press


Pre Class Work:

2 attempts at max unbroken double unders

Post Class workout:

3x 500m Row  




-Snatch w/ pause at the knee 10x 1 @65% If you miss start at 1

-Snatch when calculating add 23lbs to your number  true 1rm

55%x 5, 60%x 5, 65%x 3, 70%x 3, 75%x 2, 80%x2, 85%x 1

TOMs 3×5


GHD SitUps x10

GHD Back Ext x20

Toes To Elbows x 15


Conditioning: Cindy XXX

Beginner Pullup Progression:

3×5 Banded Pullups

5x max hold negative

15 supine Ring Rows


No Additional Work or Make-up 


Strength: Pre or Post

RDL 2x 15

Bar Dip 2x 10, 1x max weighted

Ring Dip 3x 10

MuscleUps: 15 For Time

Beginner Pullup Progression:

5×3 Banded Pullups

2x max at as heavy of Lat Pull down