Bryan envisioned a “Box” the moment he was first dosed with a CrossFit WOD. The appeal of hard work in a short amount time that directly impacted his fitness was exactly what he had been searching for. Mountain Biking, CycloCross, Rock Climbing, Trail Running and Backcountry enthusiasm required programming that most fitness programs couldn’t deliver. Training to run distance in altitude or ride a bike offered the Long Slow Distance domain, but left him vulnerable to strength domains. Carrying large loads for distance quickly became a “Chink” in his armor. That was until CrossFit. The love of Mountain Triathlons required hours and hours of riding and running, the method was scrapped and quickly turned to training the “Benchmark Girls” and Clean’s. CrossFit is hard work it takes you past that comfort level that most of the American public has been grown accustom to. CrossFit forges those you are willing enough to make the decision that they will no longer take the easy road.



I started CrossFit in June 2010 and instantly fell in love with the sport. Growing up, I was a competitive swimmer so I was thrilled to be back in a similar atmosphere! As I became more involved with CrossFit, I realized coaching was what I loved to do most. I enjoy helping members with their technical skills and encouraging them to challenge themselves. I have a passion for Olympic weightlifting it challenges me mentally and physically. My favorite CrossFit WOD is Isabel, and my least favorite is Karen.

Outside of CrossFit you can catch me riding horses, motorcycles, quads and playing with my three Dobermans!



Stephanie jointed CFR in 2009 and gradually progressed into a new level of fitness.  After a lifetime of team sports she found CrossFit interesting and empowering.  She soon transitioned to include competitive training and qualified and competed as an individual in the 2012 NorCal Regional.  She has joined several CFR regional teams since that time and was a part of the CFR team for the first Super Regional in California.  She has additionally earned the title of Northstate’s Fittest in 2013 and 2014.

Stephanie loves the cohesive community of CrossFit, the strength and empowerment she feels in her life as a CrossFitter and the continual challenges she finds in the world of CrossFit.  These reasons lead her to become a Level I trainer.  With a career in Physical Therapy and a love for CrossFit transition to a coach was a natural progression.  She continues to love and support her gym, CrossFit Redding.



Terah has always enjoyed being active and working out but prior to Crossfit fell victim to the “globo gym” mentality. Her friend and co-worker Bryan told her about Crossfit in 2008 and once Terah tried it she was hooked. Then in 2010 Terah decided she wanted to share her passion with others and completed her level one certification to train others. Terah’s love for children encouraged her to get her Crossfit kids certification in 2010 and She is our main Crossfit kids instructor. Terah has also competed 3 years in a row on our regional affiliate team and in numerous local competitions.



Carrie is a Level 1 certified coach with over 10 years of personal training, health and nutrition and fitness experience. Carrie is also Yogafit certified and CrossFit Mobility certified; she teaches CrossFit Redding’s Yoga with Carrie.

Carrie is an avid outdoor athlete and enjoys mountain biking, trail running and rock climbing. Carrie believes that proper nutrition and balanced fitness is the key to being the best you that you can be. Carrie is available for personal training and nutrition coaching.



I’ve been doing CrossFit since April 2013. I love everything about it physically and mentally. I’ve participated in the CrossFit Open every year since 2014 with my best ranking of 150th in Northern California in 2016. In 2015 I competed at Regionals as a team representing CrossFit Redding. I have also competed in both individual and team competitions at gyms in the northstate and some USAW weightlifting meets.  I recently got my CF-L1 certificate in May 2016 which has been a fun experience. I really enjoy helping people improve their weaknesses and accomplish new things. It’s a great feeling helping someone get their first muscle up or strict pull-up. My favorite movements in CrossFit are snatch, handstand push-ups, and muscle ups. Least favorite are rowing for calories, and thrusters. What I like most about CrossFit isn’t the workouts, it’s the community. It’s an excellent feeling knowing that everybody in your gym is a close friend and always shows concern or gratitude about your well being. I wouldn’t change my gym family for anything!