‘Tis the Season

It is that time of year again-the Reebok CrossFit OPEN is here!!! The 2018 Workout Announcement will be a 5:30p on Thursday. We will be streaming the announcement live for your viewing enjoyment. After which you may attempt the Open workout at 630-730p, please do not attempt the workout before 630p it interrupts the 530p scheduled class.  This year, we will be running a Friday Night Lights style Open workout The Friday morning classes wil

Its Starts With An Idea

We have put a ton of effort into revamping the gym! We hope you're enjoying the new layout as much as we do. CrossFit Redding has a vision of what we want, and where we should be and it starting to take shape. CrossFit Redding is 9 years in existence and moving into the future with excitement. We pride ourselves on coaching and teaching. CrossFit Redding continues to build and foster a community that cares about fitness and health. We want you

A New Look For The New Year.

The New Year is Here-2017; we’re a month in which means it’s time to start tightening stuff we’ve slacked on throughout the year. Checking into classes or open gym- It is the expectation that you sign in to class using your keytag or the Zen Planner app. We’ve reprinted everyone’s lost keytags and the scanner is up and running. (ask if you need a new one) You can also download and use the Zen Planner app on your smart phone to sign i


We get asked a lot what you should have in your gym bag? Well there is no definitive list on what you should have in your bag. The coaches weighed in on what they carry to the gym or to a competition. Bryan: Lifting shoes, lifting belt, athletic tape, Rock Tape, two jump ropes, a pair of gloves, a lacrosse ball and a shaker bottle an extra pair of shorts and T-shirt. I do carry two jump ropes because it is inevitable that one will break right


In mid-2007 and after an 8 months of screwing around and CrossFitting with friends in living rooms, parks, and globo-gyms I decided that CrossFit Redding needed somewhere to call its own. No more weird looks, no more “hey, you can’t do that here”. We needed our own space. On April 15, 2008 after a meeting with and Kevin, Jacob we found a building and opened the doors of what is now CrossFitRedding. The blue doors opened to Redding’s firs


“I WAS SITTING HERE, EATING MY MUFFIN AND DRINKING MY COFFEE AND REPLAYING THE INCIDENT IN MY HEAD, WHEN I HAD WHAT ALCOHOLICS REFER TO AS A MOMENT OF CLARITY.” ~Jules Ok really, I was programming and thinking about how much CrossFit has changed since CFR’s inception in 2007. Mainly, in regards to programming, and more specifically, our gym, we started using BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD on July 6, 2010 which allows us to look back at CrossFit R


As some of you may know, Raul is leaving. Raul and Shalea have decided to move to Bend, Oregon. I would like to wish them all the best. Shalea was one of the original members at CrossFit Redding 1.0. It has been a blast watching her grow into an athlete and a friend to the CFR community. Shalea’s enthusiasm and personality will surely be missed. I remember Shalea’s first fundamentals, as well her first muscle up, and her many other successes


I was watching the WOD today and as people were finishing there was that satisfaction of completing something you didn’t think was possible. People high-fived each other, there were a few fist bumps and even asweaty hug or two-which is one of the greatest aspects that has CrossFit has brought to fitness. It is really no different here at CrossFit Redding. We challenge you daily, we want you to compete against yourself, we want you to challenge


CrossFit Redding Youth Athletic Club (YAC) WILL BE HOSTING A PARTNER WOD ON OCT. 24. 2015 Location: Crossfit Redding, 5211 Churn Creek Rd. Redding, CA 96002. Join us for friendly competition, physical challenges, fun and supporting a great cause to benefit our youth. All proceeds will be used for YAC local programs to bring CrossFit and the CrossFit lifestyle to disadvantaged and at risk-kids. Help us change our community one kid at a time.


It is 2016. Yet another year has pass and CrossFit Redding folks continue to forge on, fitter, stronger and happier than ever before. The New Year resolutions are here and honestly Here’s what the coaches want… We want the dedicated, we want the folks who are tired of the B.S. “we can transform you in 3weeks offers” those who truly want a change for the better. The statement that CrossFit is a lifestyle is a fact. Others gyms will try to

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