A Great, Great Beer Wall

In Redding we often find ourselves looking for stuff to do or perhaps looking for that really neat “thing” we did in Bend or San Francisco. Redding at times seems behind from the places we all love to vacation or visit. While Redding is nestled up here in our own world surrounded by mountains and distanced with a very long stretch of highway, but innovation and progress are coming. A few nights ago Carrie and stopped at Mary’s Pizza Shack a

Adding Weight.

My thoughts and input of weight vests. A few of you, ok a lot of you, have been asking about what kind of weight vest you should buy. They are more of a personal item that you can sweat in. We have a few in the back and you’re welcome to use them. But, think about using someone else's knee sleeves… “Hey man nice job on filthy fifty, can I borrow your knee sleeves?” Let me first start with this. Before you go out and buy or star

‘Tis the Season

It is that time of year again-the Reebok CrossFit OPEN is here!!! The 2018 Workout Announcement will be a 5:30p on Thursday. We will be streaming the announcement live for your viewing enjoyment. After which you may attempt the Open workout at 630-730p, please do not attempt the workout before 630p it interrupts the 530p scheduled class.  This year, we will be running a Friday Night Lights style Open workout The Friday morning classes wil

Muscle Up’s For Everyone!

Troy sent this blog post to me, and I thought to myself, yep he's the guy that should be teaching us muscle-ups. There are very few that can make them as effortless looking as Troy can. Read a few knowledge bombs from Troy and then start practicing. For those who are interested in learning the Ring Muscle Up, I wanted to talk about the steps in progressions to achieve your goal, the swing. There are two parts to a swing which are similar to a

2018 Lurong Living Resolution Challenge

Rhi and I would like to welcome everyone to the 2018 Lurong Resolution Challenge. This is by far the biggest and best challenge we’ve hosted. I personally want to wish everyone the best during this challenge. As we have discussed there will be ups and downs during the next five weeks. In fact, there will be days that you will want to say “screw it!” Just remember, we are all in this together. We want to see each of you succeed and hit y

A Moment on the lips, forever on the… Oh hell with it!

The holiday season has arrived and that brings about lots and lots of delicious treats and sugary libations. All of which equal increased calories! Here’s the deal, eating and enjoying the holidays are fun and memorable. A few days of over eating and indulging is going to happen. It is up to you to control the outcome. Eat, sing and be merry and just know that that we will be here to accommodate your decisions. The worst thing to do is to indul

Excuse me, Sir… Do you whiteboard?

Why Do We Whiteboard? A few years ago I visited CrossFit gym in Maui. As I came in from my last 200 I fell to the floor and yelled, “time!” When I caught my breath I noticed other people writhing around, coming in from their run, falling to the floor, but  nobody was yelling, or even panting out, “time.” At that point, I looked for a whiteboard and noticed there wasn’t one. Since then, I have visited many CrossFit gyms in different pl

Member Of The Month October

Our Member of the month for October is Annie. Annie started at the second gym and was quick to adopt the CrossFit methodology. Annie has made the CFR community part of her life by helping organize events such as the Whiskeytown Lake day, parties and CFR Night Outs. Interesting fact Annie almost gave her life for one of these events. (Flashback…So there we were, It was a dark night, the moon’s light struggling to break through the eerie clo

Member Of The Month

Gary Parkinson: Gary started at CFR 2.0 he has been a great addition to CrossFit Redding. He is always positive, even on burpee days. Gary cheers for the person struggling to finish. We enjoy him in the classes because he is here for business; often times it’s a lunch break workout so there is little time for lollygagging. We chose Gary for Member of the Month because of his enthusiasm and willingness to do the sucky WOD’s with little comp

Member Of The Month August

There is a common misconception that a high caliber athlete is the driving force of a CrossFit gym. I can assure you that couldn't be farther from the truth. April is a shining example of why I love my job and why I love CrossFit. From the day she walked into Eastside Road box, April has put in hard work and has seen the results of it. She never  complains, (ok sometimes I get a look), she just grabs her equipment and gets to it. Whether it be d

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