I was watching the WOD today and as people were finishing there was that satisfaction of completing something you didn’t think was possible. People high-fived each other, there were a few fist bumps and even asweaty hug or two-which is one of the greatest aspects that has CrossFit has brought to fitness. It is really no different here at CrossFit Redding. We challenge you daily, we want you to compete against yourself, we want you to challenge yourself, and hell we want you to compete against each other. Why wouldn’t you?

A daily goal might be as simple as “today I want to PR my lift” or “I want to come in first on the run.” There is that aspect of competitiveness that drives each of us to do and achieve more than we thought possible. As coaches we love seeing two people sprint the finish of a workout or during a partner WOD giving the other team a glance and then picking up that barbell for a few more reps; it is what makes us human. As cavemen, if we didn’t compete, we went hungry and died. Here’s a secret its – ok to WANT to beat someone.

-Challenge yourselves on Fridays; find a new partner. We’ve all been partners with that one person who is going to make you work harder than you thought possible and guess what, they’re working just as hard.

-During the WOD go heavier, push your limits and who gives a shit if you have the slowest time of the day. It’s still faster than your friend on the couch’s time! You do this and one day soon you’ll be the guy or gal withthe fastest time.

-Strive to be better! I can’t imagine anyone walking into this gym saying to themselves “wow I hope I can just be mediocre today.” For goodness sake, some of you show up at 5am.

I truly believe that each and every one of you CrossFit Redding members are dedicated, motivated individuals that have committed to personal greatness. Although you may not always feel it, you are part of a group and community that has put aside traditional methodologies, scrapped the “easy way” and who have chosen to Forge yourselves into Elite Fitness. Who else can say that?

Keep showing up, keep cheering each other on, and keep hitting PR’s and KEEP CHALLENGING YOURSELF.

So let’s keep this awesome train rolling!