We get asked a lot what you should have in your gym bag?

Well there is no definitive list on what you should have in your bag. The coaches weighed in on what they carry to the gym or to a competition.

Bryan: Lifting shoes, lifting belt, athletic tape, Rock Tape, two jump ropes, a pair of gloves, a lacrosse ball and a shaker bottle an extra pair of shorts and T-shirt. I do carry two jump ropes because it is inevitable that one will break right when you need it the most. The lacrosse ball is a nice after a workout or if your need to quickly isolate a muscle. I also like to carry a few items to snack on or a recovery item whether it be a few KillCiff or coconut water. I like having something to look forward to after a workout and sometimes the recovery item is the motivation to go faster. I also carry a grip strengthening tool it helps either warm up my hands for workout that requires grip strength or helps loosen my forearms after a crazy workout. I also keep fingernail clippers with me because it seem like when I need them the most I never have them.

Culley: Lifting shoes, lifting belt, knee wraps, wrist wraps, a jump rope, tape, bio freeze, a note book and hair ties, deodorant, gum, lipbalm and advil and extra socks that includes one pair long socks. I like to have a protein shaker ready to go for post workout and banana.

Raul: Lifting shoes, knee wraps, a lifting belt, tape, a Jump rope, wod repair lotion and an extra T-shirt and beanie.

Jordan: Lifting shoes, wrist wraps, lifting belt, shaker and supplements I’m on and my workout notebook. I also throw and extra water bottle and a few bannanas in my bag just in case

Carrie: Lifting shoes, knee wraps, wrist wraps, jump rope, athletic tape, lip balm, post-workout snack or protein, ear buds, voodoo wrap, ipad (that’s my notebook)

This is what can happen if you forget something!

Fortune favors the prepared mind. ~Louis Pasteur