‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season

It is that time of year again-the Reebok CrossFit OPEN is here!!!

The 2018 Workout Announcement will be a 5:30p on Thursday. We will be streaming the announcement live for your viewing enjoyment. After which you may attempt the Open workout at 630-730p, please do not attempt the workout before 630p it interrupts the 530p scheduled class. 
This year, we will be running a Friday Night Lights style Open workout
The Friday morning classes will be business as usual with a partner workout.
At 4:30p Friday, we kick off Friday Night Lights.

There is still time to sign up for the 2018 Reebok OPEN! Click here

Here is a step by step breakdown of how to get involved in the 2018 Friday Night Lights!

Step one: Show up and sign up for a Heat.
Step two: There will be a warm-up and prep-work on the board for you to get yourselves ready.
Step three: Find a judge or be a judge for someone else. We’re all in this together (Judges course link)
Step four: Hey what if I’m not signed up for the Open? See the above steps but you don’t need a judge (however, you can become one)
Step five: Give the Open workout 100% effort!
Step six: Hang out drink a beverage and enjoy the excitement.

If you end up needing a video we can accommodate that as well.

A few thoughts from Troy to help everyone at the gym get the best out of their Open Experience.

2018 Open Thoughts

  • Think about the movements. How can I do them more efficiently to save energy? Which movements do I speed up or slow down on depending on my strengths?
  • Control your heart rate. Yes, easier said than done. Think about your breathing methods while in the workout, this can prolong your body’s capacity to move through a workout. If only slightly, it still gives you added reps.
  • Be cautious of transitions. Transitions make or break you. Every time you stop and look at the bar, get chalk or water, bend over to catch your breath adds up substantially. If you go right to the next movement and at least get one or two that is better than standing there.
  • Don’t stress out. Try to keep yourself from worrying about the workouts all day and all night leading up to you doing them. All that stress will tire you out and inhibit your performance.
  • Have fun! Remember this should be a fun/friendly competition between everyone in the world but most importantly in our gym. So help motivate everyone that has joined and don’t forget, when you finish, cheer on the people around you that are still in the middle of the workout. A little bit of cheering goes a long way.