What Supplements Do You Take Bro?

What Supplements Do You Take Bro?

Alright I did it!

CrossFit Redding has decided to stock supplements. We struggled with this for many reasons:

1)      Hey members buy this because we say so…

2)      Oh you should be taking protein, BCAA’s and blah blah blah We just happened to sell it.

3)      All the cool CrossFitter’s are taking this so should you to!

That’s a bunch of BS and cheesy sell tactics! In that past we’ve tried a lot of different Proteins, Amino’s, pre-workouts and have pretty much been approached by everyone to sell the next best CrossFit supplement. I was told about the company, Driven Nutrition,that focuses on CrossFit as their market. Why, because the owner, Jason Rule, has been in the business since 2008 and understands that we need supplements that are designed for us. I made the call to Driven Nutrition and spoke with the owner, Jason. He was a really nice guy, we laughed, reminisced about 2007 CrossFit and talked owning a CrossFit Gym for 8+ years. They sent out a trial sample of protein and pre-wod, and I was immediately impressed. The protein tastes good it has no sugar and mixes well and the pre-wod is tasty without the pumped or itchy feeling. The next sell was the coaches… they liked it in fact they are interested in all of the products protein, casein, BCAA’s and pre-WOD’s which makes it easy for us to recommend it to you.

I hope guys enjoy the products as much as we do. We’ve made it easy and convenient. You can purchase the Driven Nutrition products right from your phone as you’re walking out the door; no extra trip to the supplement shops. I want all of you to feel as though you’re getting the best deal. In addition, the profits from house sales go into our equipment fund, so your protein is buying you more pain in the form of assault bikes, rowers, etc…( wait is that a good sell?)

Check out the products see it they’re right for you. Check out the complete line of Driven Nutrition at https://drivennutrition.net

See a product you want and we don’t have it?  email bryan@crossfitredding.com to get in on the next preorder


Bryan & CrossFit Redding Staff