Member Of The Month October

Member Of The Month October

Our Member of the month for October is Annie.

Annie started at the second gym and was quick to adopt the CrossFit methodology. Annie has made the CFR community part of her life by helping organize events such as the Whiskeytown Lake day, parties and CFR Night Outs. Interesting fact Annie almost gave her life for one of these events. (Flashback…So there we were, It was a dark night, the moon’s light struggling to break through the eerie cloud cover, the jubilation and laughs piercing the sound of hipster music. As the group hooted and stumbled over each other’s stories I caught from the corner of my eye an Annie facial expression begin to change, as the group carried-on I asked “can you breath?” her head shook no in panic, as the choking continued, I carefully sat my beer onto the table at which point realizing the danger had increased without hesitation and complete disregard for my 18 piece buffalo wings sprang into action with back blows dislodging the culprit and saving Annie’s life. End Flashback)

Annie has constantly worked on form and has increased her lifts pushing past her preconceived limits. Annie Olympic weightlifting form is fantastic because even through her pregnancies she has lightened weight and worked on technique. Annie works had despite injury, pregnancy or stress, she comes to the gym does work and puts up with my (bryan) annoyingness on the daily. Annie works hard, puts in the extra work and most importantly always asks the question if she is unclear on a movement or standard. Next time you are in the gym say hi to Annie.

So again thank you Annie for being an amazing part of the CrossFit Redding Community and I’m glad I saved your life.

Name: Annie Payne 

Occupation: Elementary School Administrator

How long have you been a member? I don’t remember I think 5 years?

Why CrossFit Redding? I started at CrossFit Redding with a friend. I continue to stay at CrossFit Redding because of how much support I get from the coaches and the community.  Everyone has supported me through the many ups and downs of my life from injury to pregnancy, training for a triathlon and dealing with the stress of everyday life.

What’s your favorite WOD or movement?  Probably Annie (not just because it’s my name) when I got married Coach Bryan allowed me to bring in my bridal party and friends to do a private class of Annie on my special day!

What advice do you have for new members? Just keep coming! It’s hard for everyone because it never gets easy so don’t be so hard on yourself. We’re all here to work hard and have fun together!