Member Of The Month August

Member Of The Month August

There is a common misconception that a high caliber athlete is the driving force of a CrossFit gym. I can assure you that couldn’t be farther from the truth. April is a shining example of why I love my job and why I love CrossFit. From the day she walked into Eastside Road box, April has put in hard work and has seen the results of it. She never  complains, (ok sometimes I get a look), she just grabs her equipment and gets to it. Whether it be double-unders, pull-ups or her fear of the barbell April just asks, watches, and then does it. A few years ago she needed a partner for a Friday. I told her that I would jump in and she said something to the effect of, “I don’t want to slow you down.” I assured her that it would be alright and that I would like to be her partner. SHE KICKED MY BUTT… I was pushing hard to keep up and even though she was scaled the weight (now that I think about she should’ve RX’s weight) I was getting it handed to me. She would turn over the work and send me back into a run with little to no rest. It was fun and truly instills April’s work ethic in the gym. I want to say thank you to both April and Eli for a fantastic 7 years.

Thank you from Bryan and the CFR Crew

Name:  April Jurisich

Occupation:  HHSA Program Manager for Shasta County WIC and Nurse-Family Partnership Programs  (I am also a Registered Dietitian. )

How long have you been a member? 7 years (since my oldest kid was 6 months old)

Why CrossFit Redding?  I joined CFR in May 2010, when Lance (my oldest kid) was 6 months old.  I needed to find a fitness center that was going to work in my life as a new mom, that would keep me motivated, and help me lose the “baby weight”.  I was (am) not self-motivated when it comes to going to a “traditional gym”.  CFR was on Eastside Road at the time and I drove passed it daily from work watching members work hard.  So, I gave CFR a call and went to Fundamentals.  I was not convinced at the end of fundamentals that CrossFit was for me but I was willing to give it another 2-3 months before really deciding.  During those 3 months, I met GREAT people… Shalea, Chelsea, Sunny, Culley, and more.  Having the supportive environment of the fellow members and great coaches convinced me to keep coming back. I really liked and continue to like the encouragement from everyone. Another great asset of CrossFit is that I don’t really have to think to get a workout.. It is my job to show up and work hard, but the coaches do all the planning for the WODs.  I would not work nearly as hard if someone didn’t tell me what to do.  I  also greatly appreciate when the coaches push me just a little bit more.   I will probably always remember my first Back Squat at 195# when I wanted to quit at 155 or 160, Bryan encouraged me to keep going.  Just this week, Rachel convinced me to “do the box jumps” when I really just wanted to wimp-out mentally and do step ups. Thank you!

What’s your favorite WOD or movement?  I really like Overhead Squats.  Otherwise, I am not sure I have a favorite WOD. I have a few not-very-favorite WODs, such as Karen.  I see a lot of value in all the weighted squats (back, front, OH).  I also don’t mind Thrusters b/c I think they are great for focusing on and strengthening the midline (abs/inner thigh); I appreciate them and might even like them.

What advice do you have for new members?   Scale!  and Listen to your Body!  One of the best things about CrossFit is that everything is scalable and/or modifiable.  Listen to your body and find the ever changing balance of what feels good and provides challenge without getting injured.  Also remember, each day is different.  Some days you can’t lift as much as other days, and that is OK. 

Is there anything you would like to add?  CFR has been supportive of me and my family.  Bryan and the other coaches have helped me stay fit through two pregnancies.  Some might say “Karen” put me labor with my last child.  So much of CrossFit is Mental.  You have to be willing to work through your own “head” whether it is being too competitive or negative self-talk.  Keep your goals realistic and achievable. Ask for help and advice on how to make CFR work for you.  Join me and the early crew at 5am!