Its Starts With An Idea

Its Starts With An Idea

We have put a ton of effort into revamping the gym! We hope you’re enjoying the new layout as much as we do. CrossFit Redding has a vision of what we want, and where we should be and it starting to take shape.

CrossFit Redding is 9 years in existence and moving into the future with excitement. We pride ourselves on coaching and teaching. CrossFit Redding continues to build and foster a community that cares about fitness and health. We want you to enjoy CrossFit Redding, health, exercise and fitness and as much as we do. The coaches are committed to helping you become the best YOU that you can be.

All of the coaches want to challenge you to step out of your comfort zone by getting out and doing the unthinkable. What does that look like a, 5k run, a trail race, a CrossFit competition, a weightlifting competition? Do something that you never thought possible.

I’ve noticed that CrossFit has allowed me to increase my work capacity. I can enjoy a full workout, followed by chores, than help someone lift their heavy stuff and still have energy to enjoy a dinner date. Push yourselves, push harder, lift an extra 5-10 pounds or run a little faster. Does it hurt or is it uncomfortable, yep! Getting comfortable is the enemy of getting stronger; settling for “that’s good enough” is your fitness folly; and saying the words “I Can’t” only stunts your growth.

I guess what I’m saying is, it’s within you to push harder, yes, Franny, Troy, Steph, Carrie, Laura and I can encourage and push you but you have to WANT to improve. You have to WANT to be uncomfortable. We believe in you-now, go believe in yourself and crush your PR’s.