I’ll Take The Road To Recovery

I’ll Take The Road To Recovery

As most of you know by now, I had surgery on my right shoulder 4.5 months ago. It was a long time coming for me…. Years of not taking care of my shoulder and doing too much lead to it hurting constantly, having multiple shots to mask the pain until I finally decided let’s fix this thing for good!

So I had the shoulder capsule tightened, a bone spur removed and arthritis cut out. Nothing major torn so that was a relief! Having a surgery and having something stop me in my tracks was a new thing for me that I never faced before.

At first I thought, hey this will be easy and I’ll be back to butterflying pull ups in no time and squatting my way to 300lbs!

Little did I realize that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon? I had a sling on for 5 weeks and limited to lifting 10lbs max with my right hand, no running, and the dreaded no squatting!!! Not being able to do all the things I normally do and love really set me back into a funk. What am I going to be able to do?? Working out has been my therapy and release and love for years and training hard and intense for 2-3hrs a day the norm for me.

And trust me, at first it was kind of a relief to be exempt from working out so hard. I’ve never taken more than a week off from working out since doing CrossFit! Even when I was pregnant with sage! Just ask Bryan… I guess I was kind of a “reckless prego” back then. So being forced to slow down was a blessing in disguise. I found there was so much more time in the day when I’m not at the gym 2-3hrs a day. I got little projects around the house done that I could do one handed. I got to spend quality time with sage and Mike and his kids Blake, Rylin, and Jaycee. I was able to spend hours after school being mom, doing homework, reading with the kids and dinner; not feeling stressed about getting my workout in.

As my shoulder healed and I started feeling better. My love to workout grew more and more. I didn’t want to lose all I’ve worked hard for. I didn’t want to be weak and most importantly, I didn’t want to be average. I loved being able to squat double bodyweight and being able to crank out 30 strict HSPU’s and to know I could do so much more than the average human

That leads me to NOW and trying to get into the groove of a workout I can do, that doesn’t use my shoulder and is in the guidelines of what my doctor and amazing physical therapist Stephanie Smith allow me to do. I was cleared to be able to run finally. However, still no lifting or upper body work. I started doing workouts at home.  Air squats, walking lunges, sit-ups and did I mention Air squats. I came up with as many combos of these as you can think! 5rds of 20 each AMRAP’s, EMOTM’s, and guess what?

It was a workout, but it was still all in my comfort zone of what I like to do and I’d only push myself so hard. Which lead me back to Bryan. I knew he could make me workouts that could kick my butt and still be doctor approved. So I started asking him to come up with workouts for me.

One of the first ones he made was a combo of step ups and air squats. I broke a sweat, mu heartrate was up, and finally I was so sore! All of which I missed and I hadn’t felt in a while. Another one he made just recently was pulling a sled 400m (rope around my hips of course) and 10 air squats every minute. This workout kicked my butt!! Little did I know that the weight I was pulling was almost 180lbs! When I was finished I told Bryan that’s the stuff I’ve been talking about, that’s what I need, I miss going to that dark place. That place that builds mental toughness.

I’m not trying to toot Bryan’s horn but he is a mastermind at programming. Then a part of me was jealous and angry at all of you who get to come to the gym every day and the workout is already programmed for you to do. You don’t have to think about what to do, you just show up. I know a lot of us complain about the daily WOD’s but Bryan puts thought into all of his programming and he is dam good at it.

Being post-surgery made me realize this more. I may be limited in what I can do but even then, Bryan’s crafty mind can still conspire something so evil for me to do that I’m laid out on the floor but coming back for more. I guess what I’m saying is… Thanks Bryan.

Thanks for programming for everyone and making all of us fitter and better. I will be back to hitting PRs and doing sub 3 minute Fran’s in no time with the help of all of you.

Just don’t laugh at me when I’m finally able to do everything again. I’ll be slow at first and yes Matt will most likely beat me in everything but not for long!

You can take the girl out of the gym but you can’t take the gym out of the girl.

Terah Culley