It Doesn’t Have To Be Bulking Season.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Bulking Season.

The holiday season has arrived and that brings about lots and lots of delicious treats and sugary libations. All of which equal increased calories! Here’s the deal, eating and enjoying the holidays are fun and memorable. A few days of overeating and indulging is going to happen. It is up to you to control the outcome. Eat, sing and be merry and just know that that we will be here to accommodate your decisions. The worst thing to do is to indulge and fall off the wagon.  Remember the in and out the principle of calories – what more goes in must be expended out. Getting into the gym, even 3 days a week, will help burn off the extra stuff. I also recommend checking out the CrossFit Redding Facebook page for the daily burn.

A common excuse we hear is “I missed a week so I’ll just take the month off.” We all know that is B.S. If you miss a week, so what, don’t dwell on it and get your booty back into gear the very next class or open gym time.  It can be a slippery slope to miss a few and then continue taking time away. It is detrimental to your fitness and your mindset. Hold yourselves accountable… Because we will hold you more accountable for the next few months!

A few tips to get you through Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations.

Tip 1: Enjoy your life and enjoy the moment.

Maintain your food/drink intake during the week and before and after-parties. If you know you’re going to a blow it out on thanksgiving, just do it! After all, it’s why we exercise and work as hard as we do.

Tip 2: Short Term Memory Loss is good.

If you eat three cupcakes, 12 cookies and a bunch of fudge… Own it and then forget about it. That’s right you just ate it and hopefully, enjoyed the hell out of it. If you eat a cookie, oh well, work harder on the next workout. The worst thing you can do is dwell on it so fogettaboutit!

Tip 3: Hold yourself accountable.

Enjoy your time with friends and family but know that your CrossFit Redding Community is here to help you succeed during and after the holidays. This is a good opportunity to get yourselves into the gym at a different class time if you’re a 530p guy and your schedule is crazy this time a year try a 6 am class and even scarier maybe jump into a class that has running… spooky!

Tip 4: Don’t Be Average

The average American gains 7-10lbs during the holidays. Hey, guess what you’re not the average American. You choose to come into a CrossFit Gym and work your butt off weekly. We’ll provide the means to sweat you just have to show up.

Remember, you are not alone! We are all enjoying this time of year, together. Don’t forget about our annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and Christmas Eve Workouts.